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Profit-maximizing strategy

Innovative ideas to produce greater value for the property is the key to achieving the highest ROI.

An “Addtrust logic” focused on long-term value and operability

While many different indicators can be used to measure the value of a property, ROI is one of the most easily understood and reasonable indicators. The transaction price used to be the dominant index of value in the Japanese real estate industry, but there is now an increasing focus on ROI.

Whether it is a residential property or commercial facilities, we always aim to make a building that is user friendly, looks and feels pleasant and yet offers outstanding functionality and flexibility that enhances the value of not only itself but also the town where it stands. It must be a place that makes all visitors feel welcome, makes its user or operator feel proud, and must also cater to ever-changing needs and social trends in the future. Our mission is to plan and develop such long-serving, long-appreciated properties. Our job does not end with “well, this land would look nice with this building.” We go beyond, thinking long and hard about the best possible use of the land, and what useful building or structure could be built on it. This is how we keep increasing our ROI, aiming to offer results of the highest value. And we do it by continuously strengthening our planning skills and capabilities through day-to-day undertakings.

A developer’s enthusiasm for a single project can transform an entire neighborhood.

On a Minatomirai project we undertook, the land failed to attract buyers and remained bare for a long time. To turn the situation around, we decided to offer the land not only with residential condominiums but also with a hotel on it. As many people thought that no hotel could succeed in such a visitorless place, initially there were strong objections to the idea. However, we pushed the plan through with careful planning and perseverance, eventually winning the trust of the parties involved. In the end, the project became a great commercial success, not only bringing good profits to the client but also triggering a construction boom in the surrounding areas, with new hotels and commercial complexes springing up one after another.

This is a good example of how a single project can trigger a change in a whole town or neighborhood. It is important to note that this success was made possible only with the strong trust of the client and the City of Yokohama as well as with close cooperation with external experts working together on the project. And these good relationships will not only serve this project but will also be a strong asset for many future projects to come.

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