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Greetings from the CEO

“Add,” an element in our company name, refers to “joining” or “connecting” things. It represents what we do in the real estate business: connecting people with people, people with properties, and properties with properties, through our involvement in real estate operations. “Trust,” another element in the name, refers to believing in or relying on somebody or something.
The company name “Addtrust” represents our mission of building people’s trust and confidence through our real estate operations. The resultant strengthening of ties between people, between people and properties and between properties will lead to even greater trust and confidence. This endless upward loop will eventually lead all of us to higher ground.
The word “trust” also relates to another dimension of our work: having strong ties with our external partners. I believe that working with reliable partners outside the company and also serving as an intermediary to connect between companies will lead to versatile and unrestrained thinking and knowledge, which will be a source of truly innovative and effective real estate business models. Developing consistently useful and valuable real estate is similar to farming, involving persistent long-term involvement in seeding, watering, harvesting and then improving the harvest, an endless cycle that runs through generations.
We strive to be a company that has the power to revitalize, maximizing the value of each unique piece of land we work on, a tangible property, by adding intangible values of new uses or innovative ideas and thus unearthing fresh, previously unknown needs for it.

Hiroyuki Ohkura

Personal profile

November 1986
Joined Morimoto Co., Ltd.
December 1996
Promoted to Assistant Manager, Urban Development Department 1, Development Division
June 2000
Promoted to Director
July 2000
Director and Manager, Urban Development Department 1
January 2001
Director and Manager, Business Strategy Department
April 2003
Director and Manager, Real Estate Investment Department
July 2007
Director and General Manager, Real Estate Investment Department
August 2009
Managing Executive Officer
January 2011
Founded ADDTRUST Co., Ltd.
and became its CEO

About the company

Company name ADDTRUST Co., Ltd.
Location 3F Second Laurel Building, 1-1-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Officers Hiroyuki Ohkura, CEO
Masanori Kariya, Director
Tetsunori Shizuya, Director
Yasuhiko Sato, Director (external director)
Kazuyuki Taguchi, Auditor (external auditor)
Phone 03-5511-2750 (main)
Fax 03-5521-1763
Founded in April 2010
Capital 50 million yen
Fiscal year March 1 to February 28
Major banks Head Office Branch of Daitokyo hinyokumiai,
Jiyugaoka Branch of Kiraboshi Bank,
Kagurazaka Branch of Tokyo City Shinkin Bank,
Koyama Branch of Shonan Shinkin Bank,
Mizonokuchi Branch of Shizuoka Bank,
Tamachi Branch of Resona Bank,
Toranomon Branch of Mizuho Bank,
Toranomon Branch of Seibu Shinkin Bank
( listed in an alphabetical order )
Licenses Real Estate Transaction Agent License, Governor of Tokyo #(3) 92228
Class One Architect Office, Governor of Tokyo Registration #58575
Membership The Tokyo Real Estate Public Interest Incorporated Association
National Association for Real Estate Transaction Guaranty
Scope of business Real estate development planning, real estate development and operation, other real estate-related services
Main business partners Cosmos Initia Co.,Ltd.,Daiichi Realter Co.,Ltd.,
DAIKYO Incorporated,
Daikyo Anabuki Real Estate Incorporated,
Daiwa House Industry Co.,Ltd.,
Goda Koumuten Co.,Ltd.,
Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.,
Haseko Corp.,
Itochu Corp.,
Okada Building Incorporated,
K’s Management Incorporated,
Kintetsu Real Estate Co.,Ltd.,
Kitano Construction Corp.,
Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd.,
Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd.,
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd.,
Morimoto Co.,Ltd.,
Morimoto Home Co.,Ltd.,
Nomura Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.,
Okada Building Incorporated,Sankei Building Co.,Ltd.,
Sanyo Homes Corp.,Sekisui House,Ltd.,
Sohgoh Real Estate,Taisei Corp.,
Tosei Corp.,
Nomura Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.
( listed in an alphabetical order )