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Project management

Property development (new construction)

Our mission is to plan and increase the value for every plot of land and building we work on, considering all potentially effective ideas.

Our project management approach is based on offering the best possible use of the land to benefit the neighborhood as well as the current and future residents/users.

Our highly experienced crew commences a project by selecting external professionals who are most suited for the job.
In every single undertaking,
we do not stop until we reach the optimum conclusion that we think is truly satisfactory.
We believe this is what will maximize our clients’ profit in the end.

Create new value for the land and for the neighborhood.
This is primarily what we do in the property development business.

Pryme Coast Minatomirai
Blue Harbor Tower Minatomirai

Property regeneration (renovation of an existing property)

Addtrust’s property regeneration service transforms the value and life process of an existing building.

Abandon the easy but wasteful scrap-and-build cycle. Start working on what we have today, improve it and give it greater value. This is our strong motivation. We believe that what we do will benefit the community in the long run.

In addition to considering the long-term usability of all the buildings we design ourselves, we have the skills and know-how required to improve or transform ones that were designed and built by somebody else, which may decrease in usability as they age, to adapt them to a newer, more contemporary set of values and needs.

Our regeneration service will also consider long-term operability and repairability even after our direct involvement with the project ends, so that the building can remain in good, reliable use for many years to come.
Conversion of a building to a different use from its original one, for example changing a retailer to a restaurant or an office to a residential space, will be executed based on the best possible plan that satisfies the client’s needs and only after exhaustively investigating the existing building and making sure that all applicable laws and regulations are cleared.

Sometimes, a new law does not allow the scrapping of an existing building on a certain piece of land and the construction of a new building on it to the same scale (with the same total floor area).
In such cases, renovating the existing building will make the existing floor area available as it is and may offer a more attractive use of the land than making a new but smaller building with a potentially limited range of use.