Privacy policy

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

ADDTRUST Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”) establishes and implements this Privacy Policy as we consider it critical to appropriately protect and control all personal information including the name, physical and e-mail addresses, telephone number, age, (hereinafter “Personal Information”) that we receive from our customers as well as from visitors to our website.

2. Management of Personal Information

From time to time and in parts of our website content, we may receive Personal Information from visitors to the website. We will store such Personal Information only after clarifying the purpose of accepting such information and obtaining explicit consent from the owner of the information, to an appropriate extent and to the degree allowed by such explicit consent.

3. Use of Personal Information

We implement complete, meticulous and secure information control so as to prevent unauthorized or inappropriate access, loss, corruption, alteration or leakage of the Personal Information held by us.
As part of our normal business activities, we may commission an external contractor to handle Personal Information held by us. Such commissioning will only be done based on a Confidentiality Agreement and under strict supervision by us.
Other than in the above-described cases and also in case of a legally required procedure such as a request from a legal or governmental authority, no Personal Information held by us will be disclosed to a third party.

4. Provision of Personal Information

Except in the cases described below, we will not provide Personal Information to a third party:

  • - When the owner of the information agrees to such provision
  • - When required or permitted under the Act of the Protection of Personal Information or other applicable law or regulation

5. Inquiry or request about Personal Information (including request for correction, disclosure or deletion)

Whenever a customer or visitor requests us to disclose, correct, stop the use of or to delete the Personal Information that he or she has provided us, we will swiftly comply with such request.

6. A system for secure control of Personal Information

For the complete implementation of the above-described Privacy Policy, we will make sure that all our employees and business partners are aware of and strictly comply with this Privacy Policy. We will also continuously review and update the Privacy Policy to ensure that it remains relevant to future needs.

Privacy Policy established on: April 12, 2013
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