Business Category
Self-proposed development program (houses for sale)

Next Stage Nakano-Fujimicyo *Joint venture with Morimoto Home Co., Ltd.
 For sales information, contact Morimoto Co., Ltd.

Wada, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Number of
household units
4 units
Land area
63.09–63.20 m2
Building area
103.50–114.70 m2
Number of floors
type of structure
Three floors above ground, wooden structure
Type of structure
Wooden frame structure
Scheduled in December 2018

Our involvement in the project

  • Land sourcing
  • Support for land and building sales transaction
  • Market survey and project proposal
  • Planning and development consulting
  • Selection of design firm
  • Making and evaluating a business income/expenditure plan and offering recommendations
  • Selection of construction firm
  • Selection of business partners
  • Planning the operation schedule
  • Managing the operation schedule
  • Holding neighborhood meetings on the project
  • Making a leasing plan
  • Leasing management
  • Cost management
  • Others
  • Self-proposed development

Landscape & Plan

The houses are built on a south-facing corner lot with two sides facing an open road.
It is an ideal, open-feeling, sunny location.

A corner lot with two sides facing an open road

A very spacious, open-feeling land layout. Its location on a lot facing an open road on the southwest and southeast sides gives the houses abundant sunlight.

Individual parcel delivery boxes provided at all houses

A home delivery box for receiving parcels even when you are away from home. No need to arrange for re-delivery. Smart parcel handling for added convenience.

High-quality materials that add to the elegance of the building

The glass handrails on the balconies and the uniquely textured outer walls are just part of the carefully chosen materials that add to the elegance of the buildings.

Greenery to enjoy the beauty of the seasons in everyday life

Foliage of various plants decorates the southern edge and other areas of the lot.
It adds seasonable beauty to the landscape and harmonizes with the water nearby.